Quickly resolve network issues with physical layer monitoring

Quickly resolve network issues with physical layer monitoring The cornerstone of most enterprises is the IT network, with emphasis on operational efficiency and reliability. No one notices when your network is running smoothly, but everyone knows when there is a problem.

MIIM™ Advanced Physical Layer Management provides control of the physical layer infrastructure, letting you resolve issues quickly and provide a more robust, secure network.

Real-time monitoring

MIIM™ Advanced Physical Layer Management (APLM) enables complete real-time monitoring of the physical channel, while supporting easy communication to higher level SNMP based network management tools.

MIIM™ provides IT managers total visibility of the physical channel resulting in new, innovative applications and more effective management of the physical layer network.

Benefits of physical layer monitoring

    Enhanced network security

  • Automatic 24/7 monitoring
  • Proactive management prevents potential threats
  • Instant threat identification senses rogue devices on the network

    Increased productivity

  • Automated work orders eliminate human errors, drive accurate documentation and reduce costs
  • Detailed records of technician involvement drives accountability
  • Real-time monitoring identifies potential connectivity fault during issue resolution

    Improved asset management and utilisation

  • Hierarchical view of the end-to-end physical layer infrastructure
  • Automated data improves facility practices and eliminates physical audits
  • Physical layer mapping includes attached devices and locations
  • Accurate real-time visibility of infrastructure assets
  • Reconciliation of purchases against deployment

    Improved performance

  • Reduced downtime improves ROI
  • More efficient troubleshooting saves time and costs
  • Instant reporting on infrastructure change informs IT operations without adding unwanted traffic

Simple to install, simple to operate

With no need for special patch cords, cables, or display screens, plus easy interface to other network management tools, the decision to invest in MIIM™ is simple.

Find out just how easy it is to get your network under control by talking to our network engineers and requesting a demonstration today.

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Quickly resolve network issues with physical layer monitoring

MIIM™ Advanced Physical Layer Management enables real-time monitoring of physical network infrastructure, allowing for a more robust, secure network.

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