Custom finish service available for Lilin cameras

Now there is no more need to spray cameras so they blend in with their surroundings. Cabcon, in conjunction with Lilin, are pleased to introduce a new special order custom finish service for Lilin CCTV cameras.

It is now easy to get a security camera that fits right into your design needs. With finishes such as wood, marble and camouflage, as well as plain colour finishes, it’s easy to find something that will match most design requirements.

Lilin understand that security cameras are often required to fit into custom designs, and that customers prefer their cameras to be discreet where possible. With this new service, we will be offering the security and custom install market a bespoke finish to suit individual design needs so enabling the installation become discrete and non-obtrusive.


  • Custom design finishes for dome IP cameras
  • Wood, camouflage, marble and plain colour finishes available

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