Geodesy FSO 1000Mbps 20- 400m Link


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Manufacturer Geodesy


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The PX-PO400E1000TP is the fifth generation of compact free space laser based systems from GEODESY designed to deliver a cost-effective solution for high speed wireless connectivity. The laser transmission carries the data using the concentrated laser beam and a unique modulation technique is employed to ensure error free data transfer over distances up to 400 meters. The transparent and wire speed data transfer together with virtually zero latency assures the easy integration of the system in all environments. Because the PX-PO400E100TP uses infrared light it does not require frequency licenses and is extremely hard to tap and the transmission is not affected by electro-magnetic interference. Each head features a built in signal monitoring unit, which features a visual signal strength indicator and LINK status information is displayed on the rear of the laser head. Each PX-PO400E1000TP comprises of two Laser Heads, and two High Power POE power supplies. The Laser Heads have industry standard POE interfaces and are installed outdoors where a clear line of sight path exists between the two locations to be linked.

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  • Geodesy FSO 1000Mbps 20- 400m Link
  • Point to Point Communiaction at 1Gbps upto 400m
  • Full duplex connectivity
  • POE compliant
  • Industry standard interfaces
  • Secure data transmission
  • Quick installation and re-deployment
  • Optional Built-in automatic Wireless failover
  • License free operation
  • 2 year RTB Warranty